Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ne of the things I love looking at are other peoples home decor and all the wonderful ideas that are out there for home decorating.  I find other peoples blogs so brilliant for that.  So the first of todays two posts is a bit on home decorating and a bit on home schooling.  Obviously our school is in our home and we are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for the schooling of our children, Ben and Pollyanna.  Before we started home schooling this year, the space was the kids lounge/playroom area, which they will have back when we do major house renovations hopefully starting next year (hint hint dear husband) and built another space that will be a purpose built classroom ... its a dream at the moment, but so is the kitchen and a complete house!  Anyway, in the meantime, the kids have given up their play area and it is now a learning area!  So here are some photos of it, its looking not too bad at the moment, excuse the mess on top of the bookcase, its full of this weeks school work :)
This is the end of the classroom where the kids desks and our activity table and whiteboards are along with all their books and equipment.
A closer look at the whiteboard and the bookcase where all their workbooks and exercise books are kept.
The opposite end of the classroom where the computer, printer, and mat area are found.  Yes, we are studying space at the moment! 

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