Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of my favourite parts of English is the visual sequencing the kids do.  Its a great asset to be able to visually sequence clues so they can tell a meaningful story.  By far the best books I have found to do this are really cheap downloadable books from Curriculum Concepts.  They have great educational resources and the first one I got was actually part of their free downloads.  The sequencing books are easy to find just put in the site search engine sequence stories and it comes up with the relevant e-books.  The best part is they are a series, so you can progress with them as your child masters this art.  Todays photo is of Pollyanna who has just cut out the six pictures and found the right order for them to make a story, so she is now colouring them in before gluing them in her writing book. It is pooring with rain today, but we are going out this evening on our second tramping walk :0  Should be interesting in this cold, rainy weather! 

On another note am starting to get really excited about doing heaps of work around our barns and making our home better, Spring is going to be busy getting things done around here!  I am completely motivated by Angela's house and how much they have done and I also keep thinking back to the two couples featured on Grand Designs who did a house each in Italy and France with little money but plenty of passion and hard work.  So the plan will come during this last month of winter and the action will happen the first day of Spring under the first day of Winter next year.  Watch this space for action plans and before and after photos :)

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