Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today the kids were totally on task and did some great work.  The morning started with a new topic for the next five weeks of term for English, called A Journey Through Space.  The kids are going to complete a big poster board each about questions they have thought up about what they want to research and find out about space.  So today it was working on question making and making sure they had a WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHO, WHEN, and HOW questions.  There were plenty of HOW questions but they found it more difficult coming up with the rest of the questions, which was good :) This afternoon we worked on learning about Kate Sheppard and the role she played in New Zealand's history.  It was hilarious, they had to draw a scene from the 1880-1890 time period to do with Kate Sheppard and then write about it.  There were good behaviour crosses up for grabs for effort for both the writing and the draawing so they took it very seriously!  Poor Ben worried about the quality of his horse drawing and Polly stressed she hadn't written enough, but they had both done great work and learnt about Kate and the influence she had in New Zealand history, AWESOME DAY, heaps of effort and fun :)  Todays link is to a fantastic New Zealand History site and the site has everything from timelines with all the major events to information on each and every event of significance to New Zealand to plenty of resources that can be used in a teaching capacity.

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