Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The kids have been doing heaps of work and using their time to get their learning done really well.  So as a reward, I gave them an hour to work on earning some of their Award Badges for Cubs (Ben) and Keas (Pollyanna).  Polly worked on her Healthy Kea badge, which she has almost completed with only two tasks left to finish.  She just needs to help me plan and cook a healthy meal, which she chose this afternoon to be a FISH meal!  So proud, she has such a good understanding of healthy food options thanks to our healthy minds, healthy bodies theme we did last term for our PE/Health curriculum strand.  The other part left to complete was a poster showing the foods she thinks are healthy.  This is the part she completed this afternoon on the computer .. I especially love the food choices she chose (definitely a favourites list for her!) and she did a great job of making the poster look super pretty too!
Polly working on her Healthy Foods Poster for Keas

Ben finished working on the list of things to obtain his Home Help badge and then started the work on earning a new badge, the Collectors Badge.  He wanted to collect Lego (go figure, his number one passion), however, Mother put the foot down on this one given the VAST amount of Lego we already have and the expense and instead suggested stamps as being a more achievable and sensible option!  Yes, somewhat boring but it does mean over 12 weeks he can get two a week and have a nice little collection that can be easily presented.  Speaking of the presenting aspect, this is what he spent the majority of his afternoon working on with my scrapbook supplies.  He sliced up 24 pieces of card to mount the stamp collection on and then he is going to attach them all to a large piece of card ... boy did he work hard at getting each piece exactly the right size and numbered ... yes, anal did come to mind!

Ben working on the presentation for his Collectors Badge for Cubs

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