Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ben's ABSOLUTE favourite time of the week comes on a Thursday, when he has one complete hour of SSR ... I hear you asking why not more often and why am I writing about this on a Tuesday?!

Why not more often?  Ben reads EVERY day for hours, the concept that you can buy a light that attaches to books so you can read in the dark when you are supposed to be sleeping is the equivalent of telling a chocoholic their house is made of chocolate, that is, its dangerous for the rest of us, but pure unabated joy for the person in question.  Ben reads at least 6 250 page plus books every week.  Last night he had cubs, unfortunately this coincided with finishing a book, luckily even though it was dark he was able to finish reading the book by the light of the radio lights in the car ... now that is desperation.  It is also lucky that he reads really really fast, faster than both his parents (who are no slackers) because I had only given him the book at 3.30pm and cubs started at 6.30 :)

Why am I writing about this today?  Well, my wonderful friend and school teacher Alana provided me with the PM Benchmark Reading Tests for Pollyanna on Sunday and they were sitting on my desk.  Polly decided to read the top one last night, and without stumbles read the whole test without picture cues. Humph ... so this morning I thought I had better test her on the next one given the ease of the first one.  So while I tested Pollyanna, I had been planning to do some generic testing on Ben, but given the urgency of needing to get Polly's reading level sorted with the new testing system so I could request the appropriate level books, I gave Ben the news ... YES, for 1/2 an hour he could SSR ... yip apparently I am the best teacher and he didn't move from that seat for 1/2 hour, imagine though the drama when the testing was over and it was time for maths ... No Ben, you may not read through maths, Ben put the book down, Ben you can have the book back at lunchtime, No Ben, if you hurry through your maths you cannot have the book back, but you can have more geometry worksheets, No Ben we will not have unscheduled SSR again because its too hard to make you stop ...... Honestly

We did get to some geometry and Polly did pass the test with flying colours, way to go Polly :) Ben will no doubt finish the book this afternoon and order will be restored until he starts the next one ... you can see why I only give him his reading at 3.30 aye, its far to risky any other way!

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