Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Still working hard are my two little pickaninnies ... I want to make sure that I don't forget for next year to continue the fortnightly outtings and not to stop them during winter as that is the most important time to get out and about especially when the kids are often stuck inside for their morning and lunch breaks due to bad weather.  That is the biggesst mistake I have made since beginning home schooling, stopping the fortnightly outtings for term three, we have all really missed them.  The kids still get out and about with swimming lessons, drama and scouts but we have really missed the hands on learning we get done at all the wonderful museums and galleries Auckland offers. 

Polly continued on with her illustrating of the Three Little Pigs today and Ben and I tackled dialogue and the rules that we usse to ensure that dialogue is well understood by the reader.

Later in the day we spent our science hour learning more about Albert Einstein and his incredibly complicated contributions to Physics (still putting on a brave face with regards to my lack of enthusiasm for this strand of science!). 

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