Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Bit late with this post as we had a really busy day getting our learning done yesterday.  There was lots of teacher lead learning time and I completely forgot to blog the days events, not even a photo sorry!  We did heaps of work on our fairy tales work with Polly working on her Three Little Pigs book she is illustrating.  Ben worked on characters again today and we talked more about descriptive writing and how to give people good details so they can form a character in their imagination the way you want them to appear.  We also talked about appearance being important in describing a character, but just as important was describing a characters personality and any tidbits of information that should be given to a reader to help them understand why a character might make the decisions he/she does in a narrative.

It was a great days work, especially as we are all still quiet tired from the busy weekend and the winter blues!

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