Monday, September 6, 2010



I decided I would as the kids (yes, ask the kids .. yikes) about the things they really enjoyed in the timetable this term, things they would like to include for the next term, any changes they would like to see, and outsourced things they would like to include for term four.  There are the surprising results!

Things they LIKE

Spelling each morning (I know ... right!)
Handwriting (what!)
Science (saw that coming a mile away)
Visual Sequencing (have loved it right from the beginning)
Baking (who doesn't!)
Famous New Zealanders (social studies topic this term, totally rapt about their enthusiasm for this!)

Things they want to CHANGE

More art (fair enough)
More trips (who doesn't!)
Time for working on their Cub and Kea Badges (very responsible)
More fun things (aye yeah, we all do my lovely)
More science (again could see this coming from a mile away)
Baking every week (again who doesn't)
Athletics hour down at Rautawhiri (this has come as a great surprise)
Computer time for each child (definitely)
A change to the good behaviour crosses, they want computer time at the end of each week instead of the treat at the end of term (impressive, I can definitely go with this)
1 and 1/4 hour for Lunch (... ok .... needs some timetable thought)
Start school earlier (REALLY ... ARE YOU SERIOUS .... this is one item that surprisingly needs some consideration, we start at 9.15 which seems a good time as none of us are really morning people apart from Daddy and he doesn't count for this one and I rely on the time before school starts to do ALL my jobs ... thinking required!)

Things they want to do OUTSIDE HOME ACTIVITIES

long jump (really)
Swimming (no surprise here people)
Keas (again no surprise)
Tennis (not sure if this is because Ben brought it up or there is interest here)

Tennis (ok)
Swimming (really is anyone surprised)
Cubs (loves it)
Discus (really ... surprising but so was the stipulation that came with it, Mum I want you to teach me because the Athletics Club (our local one) is boring and all you do is wait and then get to throw it once ... now this I can attest to, the local athletics club is a victim of its own success and is now so big, the kids generally just spend most of the evening waiting and little time doing athletics.  This also might be a really good time to get Myra involved as an ex-athlete).

At the end of all this discussion, I suggested to the kids I may not be able to fit all of this excitement into our school day, to which I had a chorus of .... we can make our day a little bit longer mum ..... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SERIOUS :)  Kids that want to make their school day longer, honestly when do you tell them that too much learning is not a good thing! 

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