Monday, September 13, 2010


If you don't have a brain box, go find one and buy it.  We have had a brain box and they are the best thing whether for fun, learning, real FUN, or just entertainment they are brilliant, so GOOD we purchased another one!  We had our first box given to Ben about 3 years ago and it has had a lot of use, and now I find I can use it for physics too ... it truly is the gift that keeps on giving (which reminds me I must blog about our playhouse that IS the gift that continues to keep on giving in so many ways).

Today we conquered electricity and the elements you need to make some thing go ... very cool and it was fantastic to use the brain boxes to illustrate each point.  The kids were then given free range to create a circuit that would make something go and the circuit would require a breaker (switch).  I didn't let them have the batteries because I wanted them to make sure they thought about all the elements they required to power something and then when they thought they had it sussed they could come to me and we would test it by putting the batteries in.  Ben overloaded his circuit and had to go and modify the specification down to something less OTT (typical boy!), Polly had to change hers too has her elements didn't add up, but on the second go they both got it done, Polly a red light and Ben the fan and a lamp going.  

Well Done you Guys!

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