Sunday, June 12, 2011

day one: peanut butter brownies

my version of the peanut butter brownies

ok day one was this yummy peanut butter brownies from the blog sweet as sugar cookies and repinned from the gallery onto my recipe must dos board on pinterest.  the picture looked so yummy and brownies and peanut butter are two of my families favourite foods! given i will need loads of their support over the coming 365 days, i figured it was a good idea to get them on board now with some yummy food.

you can see by my brands no expense was spared ... not!
the recipe is super simple, it called for a brownie box mix but i used the usborne apple tree farm childrens cookbook brownie recipe instead.  its a super simple recipe with no expensive or out of the ordinary ingredients so it fitted the bill nicely today! the peanut addition you blob on top only requires eggs, sugar, flour, and of course peanut butter mixed together with a spoon ...

outcome:  these were super duper easy and REALLY yummy, i would happily give them as a food gift and at the same time they are a great recipe if the kids want to bake in the kitchen ... totally making these again :)

thank you sweet as sugar cookies for your peanut brownie recipe post

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