Sunday, June 12, 2011

day two: sprocket pillows

my finished version of the sprocket pillow
day two and its sprocket pillows from the cluck cluck sew that i repinned from the pinterest gallery onto my general crafts board.  these just looked so cute and my daughter (pollyanna) surely needed a pretty throw pillow for her bedroom ;)

lucky for me when i purchased pollyanna's bed linen a couple of years ago, the linen came in coordinated cloth bags and this is the material i used, along with some white quilting material i had purchased years ago for the future when i become a quilter ... do you follow!  yip the quest to become a quilt still burns brightly it just hasn't happened yet!
awesome pattern from allison harris at cluck cluck sew
the pattern is free from cluck cluck sew and so with great gusto i stepped forth into pillow making with my stanley knife (unfortunately i don't yet have the quintessential quilting tool, the rotary cutter), my mum's sewing maching (yip that babies got to be 30 plus years old), and my material, plus two 10c buttons.  this project did not break the bank!  as i was using only the best tools, i decided to make the large version!  lucky for me allison harris at cluck cluck sew, provides the most awesome and straight forward instructions and i even managed to get the front looking pretty darn good ... even if i do say so!
the front of the pillow complete!
outcome: awesome and pollyanna loves it.  huge thanks goes to allison harris from cluck cluck sew for her free and very easy to understand sprocket pillow pattern.  it was a joy to make and i am not the most confident or skilled sewer by any stretch of the imagination :)

thank you cluck cluck sew for your sprocket pillow post

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