Saturday, July 16, 2011

day thirty seven: inchies seasonal wall craft

the summer inchy layout for the wall :)
day thirty seven and its time to look forward ... lets get some summer wall art done now! i thought i would create a summer version of the autumn inchies craft by craft ideas.  love how when you look at her autumn one, it just makes you look forward to all that autumn/fall offers ... love decor that does that.  lets hope i can recreate some of that feeling with my summer one.  this craft is pinned to my seasons board on pinterest :)
the beginning of the project!
got the supplies together and decided to ignore the fact that christmas occurs during summer.  i figured i would make one for the festive season and this one could just concentrate on all the other things that make summer so wonderful in new zealand.

my inchies are doubles ... 2" by 2" ... all the things i had at home were a little large for conventional inchies!  most of the bases were done using some little water colour cards i had and the rest were in scrap pattern papers.
summer on an inchy :)
outcome:  because i didn't go and buy things especially for this project, it took me a long time to make it work with the bits and pieces i had ... i like repetition and for me i struggled with the fact i didn't have a lot of "things" that worked perfectly together.  i think when i do the next season (spring) i will look for a spring line from a scrapbook company and base the project around that to make it easier!  it needs a shadow box to go in, but apart from that i feel really happy to have some interchangeable wall art for the changing seasons (even if i can't yet use it!).

my thanks goes to craft ideas for a truly awesome idea ... i absolutely love their autumn one and can't wait to make one for each season :)
ben and his goodies
update: the kids LOVED their scavenger hunt and where out today collecting their goodies, my sweet husband thought it would be a really good idea for a party game, so start collecting your egg cartons!
pollyanna's collection


Anonymous said...

what a neat idea! it turned out great! love the jandals especially :o)

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thank you .... love my jandals, (you must be a kiwi!)

Anonymous said...

yep ... a kiwi :o)