Monday, July 16, 2012

a week of OLYMPICS fun coming at you :)

its time to get busy and get ready for the olympics!
back to posting each day this week as the OLYMPICS are coming up faster than i can keep up with.  so to catch up i am going to be organising all our olympics schooling, crafting, and family activities here on my blog to give you guys some inspiration and motivation to get preparing!

i love sport, but more than that, i LOVE fun.  i will use any excuse to make the everyday a party and the olympics is the perfect opportunity to get the family involved in celebrating .. as some of you who follow along (seriously, thank you so much!) will know, each major sporting event i give every member of the family a country to follow.  for the summer olympics 2012 the family have been given the following countries:

  • we will all be supporting New Zealand ... it's compulsory, otherwise you can't be part of the family ... harsh but those are the rules
  • Steve has been given Belgium as his second country
  • Benjamin has been given USA as his second country
  • Pollyanna has Australia as her second team to support
  • I have Switzerland ... bring on the fondue ;)
the peeps have been given countries that both send a lot of athletes, so there will be plenty of individuals to cheer on regardless of event. as for Switzerland and Belgium they were pulled from the hat and are two countries we haven't supported in the past, so its a good opportunity to learn about their cultures.

each person gets a goodies bag just before the opening ceremony with information on their country competing, the flag, some country info, recipes from the country, some of the country's foods to sample, and a bunch of other goodies about the sporting event and the host country.  this makes us completely involved in the event, encourages the peeps (and us adults) to appreciate the diversity of the world we live in, and makes for a really fun time.  i will show you the kits i am putting together later in the week.

during the coming week we will be doing some olympic style decorating, home learning ideas, country kits, and lots of other bits and pieces in order to be ready for the olympics to begin.  there is heaps of inspiration on pinterest, tons of inspiration boards, and of course my own olympics board where i have been gathering plenty of inspirational ideas!  join in the fun and make the olympics something you and your family will remember for years to come!


Cynthia said...

I'm always so curious at what other cultures think of as "american" food! I always think of us as quite the melting pot so maybe casseroles! Hehe

Jen W. said...

I want to be in your family so I can play too!!! :)

Jenny said...

I love how you turn everything into an educational opportunity..... no wonder Ben and Polly always look so engaged in the activities :0)
Sorry I haven't been to visit for a while but life here is rather busy in the holidays. Hannah is going to be in touch soon.... she's put skype on her laptop :0)
Jenny x