Tuesday, August 30, 2011

day eighty two: cute wallet

the very cool card wallet :)
day eighty two and we are heading to my sewing machine for today's creation.  this very cute wallet by kellie from the my so called green life blog will be today's creation and you can find it pinned to my general crafts board.

my first objective for this creation was to find some interfacing and actually determine what that was ... my local sewing shop was very helpful after laughing at me .... my sewing tuition continues thanks to pinterest!

add a sewing machine and this is what you require
the tutorial is brilliant once you get through the fastening options and it actually helped reading it once and then reading it again from start to finish with the cut pieces of fabric in front of you.  i chose the hair tie option for closing the wallet because that meant no hand sewing!  i also love that there is no hand sewing to close the insides because it all happens magically with the flipping of the pocket ... so CLEVER, well it is when you are a novice like me :)

the clever inside out pocket to finish the wallet :)
finished wallet fastened and it worked ... how cool is that!
the opened wallet complete with cards!
outcome: i was surprised at how little time this actually took to come together and immediately i thought this is a gift i would be proud to give!  i was particularly excited when my cards fitted into the wallet and my sewing looked almost straight!  these are fantastic and for the sewing guru's amongst you, this is a 10 minute sewing job with most of that involving cutting, for the rest of us 20 minutes and the creation is done from start to finish ... i have a very proud face on right now!

my sincere thanks goes to kellie, the tutorial made me feel empowered to sew this wallet and i am totally not surprised the tutorial for these gorgeous little wallets is the most popular post on your blog every week :)


Nadine said...

I knew you weren't the most experienced seamstress, but your projects are SO GOOD that I am very surprised to learn you are a 'what's interfacing?' beginner. Kirsty: I can sew. Please feel free to ask me any novice questions you have! On facebook, or you probably still have my email address lying around somewhere . . . ? :)

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

it's embarrassing how little i know about sewing! i will totally take you up on your offer for when i undoubtedly have more sewing questions ... if i can make things with a sewing machine anyone can :)