Monday, August 15, 2011

day sixty seven: a tea party for the peeps, a triple treat of inspired creations

a triple pinterest creation day :)
day sixty seven and its raining in singapore today :( so its time for some indoor entertainment in the form of a tea party :)  my sister and i went out and picked up provisions for making three pinterest goodies: chocolate dipped cherries (pinned to my recipe must do's board) inspiration from the simple girl at home blog ; chocolate and sprinkle rimmed glasses (pinned to my recipe must do's board) inspired from the hey gorgeous blog; and edible tea cups (pinned to my whimsy board) inspired by the ones found on the disney family website.

cherry dipping!
chocolate dipped cherries:  nice and easy, melt chocolate and dip in ... and for some extra tea party excitment dip the wet chocolate into sprinkles!

then add sprinkles!
dipped cherries outcome: these were the adult favourites for our tea party ... the sweetness of the chocolate and cherry worked really well with the crunchy sprinkles ... FANTASTIC combination for everyone :)

sincere thanks go to a simple girl at home for her inspiration to give this a go, i have always done strawberries this way but never cherries and they were absolutely delicious!

ready to dip the glasses!
chocolate and sprinkle rimmed glasses:  i also used shot glasses for the kids and simply dipped the glass rims in chocolate and then rolled them in sprinkles. we then put them in the freezer to harden and instead of milkshakes, filled them with ice cream!

rimming the glasses with sprinkles :)

rimmed glasses outcome: the kids thought these were awesome ... its that little bit extra that always seems to wow the kids ... i guess like everybody, they know when somebody has gone to that extra effort for them and what i have noticed with my pinterest creating is that extra effort is SO worth it!  something i need to remember for the future because everybody loves to feel special :)

many thanks to hey gorgeous for this awesome idea, the milkshakes i am definitely going to do for another day because the directions and photos are mouth watering, just like the rest of her fantastic blog! 

ready to construct tea cups!
edible tea cups:  these were made using ice cream cones, gummy rings for handles, and some dundee shortbread cookies ... and then we filled them with singapore lollies :) 

the finished tea cup :)
edible tea cups outcome:  watch your childrens faces when you serve these up to them, THIS is tea party heaven!  they are so cool to make, take little time and are perfect for a treat, whether its a party or you just want to do something special for your peeps.  the kids felt so special when they sat down to our tea party and that made my day ... their faces and the excitment was priceless :)

my thanks to the disney family website for such a cool idea, something i never would have thought to do, but will definitely do many times in the future ... heaps of other wonderful ideas and printables on this site, if you haven't been and you have kids, take a peek.

the cake stand .. finally filled with goodies :)

a BIG, BIG thanks to my sister who helped with the creations for today, it's so fun when you do things like this with the people you love, for the people you love :) and it was also she who went and searched for cupcakes for the new cake stand ... thank you sis, love ya :)

the happy party goers :)


Marie-Anne said...

Very S W E E T indeed. Your teacup creation makes me think of the Nutcracker Ballet where all the scene props look very appealing even from a distance :D
I think that your kids are very lucky to have you as their primary teacher.... they will realize that to some extent as they grow older..... Have you been home schooled yourself, Kirsty?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

yes, very sweet indeed ... morag (my sister) and i are starting to get sad that our holiday is twindling so we needed cheering up and thought a very SWEET tea party was a good way to go!