Sunday, August 14, 2011

day sixty six: homemade cake stand

the completed cake stand :) isn't it cool

day sixty six and its an easy one, but so effective and the results stunning :)  we are making a cake stand, which is pinned to my general crafts board and the inspiration comes from the happy housewife ... awesome site, really liked all the goodies and organising ideas :)

the candle stick and plate before being joined :)
i picked up this beautiful plate and candle stick from ikea ... this is truly my new favourite store, i so wish we had it in new zealand.  i simple used eyeometry to find the middle of the plate and eleplant glued the candle stick to the bottom ... this process i did upside down so you have more control :)  the happy housewife used hot glue, but remembering my sister's limited craft supplies, i was happy to find some super strong elephant glue at the local store to finish this project with!
i absolutely LOVE this creation
outcome: so so happy with this new cake stand, i am leaving this one for my sister but am going to head back to ikea (any excuse really!) and get another plate and candle stick so i can take them home and make one when i get back!  this is one of those creations you wish you had known about years ago and are totally happy to use for ALL occasions its so cool :)

a big thanks for the wonderful inspiration from the happy housewife, i really am so thrilled with this creation ... it could be my favourite so far ... ok i'm off to find some of singapore's finest cupcakes to put on top, will share later :)


Marie-Anne said...

Kirsty, By your choice, I can tell that you like COUNTRY pieces. And your sister is definitely NOT a crafter :D You made me laugh with your comment ......

It is too bad that Ikea does not sell online although it is possible to buy from them & have a home delivery from a third party. Many of my furniture & accessory pieces come from there. And my grown-up kids shop there too. Design pieces at a good price is very attractive worldwide.
Have you eaten at their cafetaria yet?
Where is the closest Ikea store to your New Zealand home
? Mine is just over one-hour-drive .....& we intend going there next Saturday...since we have finally found a vanity for our bathroom remodel.... What do you have in mind with this clever cake stand ?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

not eaten in the cafe yet, but we are heading back there one night this week to do a little extra shopping before i head home, so will put it on the agenda! so lucky you are only an hours drive away!