Friday, August 12, 2011

day sixty three: balsamic roasted strawberries with ice cream

balsamic roasted strawberries with ben and jerry's :)
 day sixty three and we are roasting some strawberries for dessert :)   pollyanna and i ADORE strawberries, in fact, when polly was little we had to hide them from her otherwise that was all she would have eaten for the summer!

this delicious sounding idea is pinned to my recipe must do's board and is from the wonderful blog joylicious ... she has the most wonderful insight into balance of life and her words and food will definitely capture you or at least make you think.

on with the creation ... i used two punnets of strawberries and followed the recipe as is, mine took 15 mintues to roast at 210C.

the sugared strawberries!
outcome:  deliciously sweet and the syrup with the ice cream is INCREDIBLE! ... in fact it was so good we are planning to have it tomorrow as well (we might share those ones with the kids!).  i might experiment with a higher heat because we were so hungry for them thanks to the amazing smell, i probably pulled them out slightly early for any caramelising to happen ... they were brilliant as was though!

special thanks to joy at joylicious for this wonderful recipe AND for making me stop and think ... loved her blog and the wonderful words that go with it :)

update on mailing a bottle: after convincing the lovely gentleman who served me at the post office that i really did want to send the bottle as it was, it then took off from singapore to the united states :)  boy i sure hope it gets there safely ... let me know christina, we will wait to hear from you!

i look a little hot and bothered but the bottle is on its way!



Kirsty said...

haha, you look so cute posting your bottle, a little mystery treat for Christine. I once made this and they were a bit strange - bit vinegary bad. I'll have to check the recipe and try again, yours look delicious

Christina said...

I will let you know as soon as I receive it! :)

Mal said...

Looks delicious!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

it really was gooood ... i think this recipe had 3 large tablespoons of sugar and only 2 of balsamic and it was sweet and gooey! give it a go kirsty, maybe second time lucky :)