Friday, August 12, 2011

day sixty four: paper boats

we are sailing :)
day sixty four and we are making some paper boats for the kids to float in the pond and they are pinned to my home school projects board.  the instructions and inspiration are available from wikiHow

the paper boat instructions are visual and explained ... love that, especially for those of us a little challenged in the origami, paper folding group (that's me).  we decided to make some coloured ones so the kids would know which one was their's in the pond. 

the making table

the great thing with these boats is once you have made a couple, they are actually really easy to teach kids how to make ... only the littliest peep didn't make her boat but she did decorate one!

decorating was taken very seriously
we also took some decorating tips from martha and her wedding boats ... you just never know where you are going to find valuable know how for kids projects!

the boats before their maiden voyage!
perfect for all ages, even the BIGGEST kids!
paper boats outcome:  the paper boat tutorial was brilliant, it was easy to understand and the pictures with words made sure you knew what you were doing.  the actual boats are awesome, the kids had just as much fun making and decorating the boats as floating them in the pond, which was also a great success.  the paper boats do go mushy after a while and sink to the bottom but if you use a waxy paper or make several you still have heaps of fun with them before they sink! the really nice thing about today's creation was watching all the peeps making their boats and how proud they felt of their finished creations .... then add water, the odd lego sailor, and watch the fun continue!

the big float off :)
a big thanks to wikiHow for a brilliant paper boat tutorial, this one was REALLY well done and i shall be back to attempt the other paper model tutorials i saw on the site!


Anonymous said...

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Marie-Anne said...

Hi Kirsty,
It looks like your hubby is totally involved in this cute origami activity. Bravo :D I applaud a father doing activities with his children. He is a great example.
A real blessing for your family, Kirsty !