Monday, September 26, 2011

day 109: button card

today's button card
 day 109 and i am still hooked on buttons today!  playing with the buttons yesterday making those bobby pins was so much fun, i wanted to use some more buttons in today's creation.  when you put "buttons" as a search in pinterest you get so much wonderful inspiration it was hard to know what to choose!

i decided on making a simple card as monday's are always a busy day around here with schooling and hockey and it's even more busy than usual with our house on the market and polly's broken leg!  today's creation is from jessica at how about orange.  jessica is REALLY creative and i have pinned several of her diy's to my pinterest boards!

she is very giving of her talents and has included a pdf so you can print your own stems and just add the buttons, how good is that!  i had five of my gran's vintage buttons i really wanted to use so i made up my own little stems in powerpoint using the basic shapes.  for christmas i plan to use jessica's pdf and print off a whole lot for the kids to add christmas buttons to for their christmas cards ... perfect christmas crafting for kids!

for this card i have printed it out on parchment coloured cardstock to give more of a vintage feel.  the parchment colour also matched the patterned paper i wanted to use which is always helpful :)  i used a craft glue and some heavy weight card for the base so the buttons wouldn't warp and bend the card when it stands up. i also inked all the edges to give even more of a vintage look.

my five flower template

materials you need :)

the finished product

outcome: easy and cute and i am really looking forward to the kids doing this as a christmas craft using jessica's pdf  template.  its achievable for them and they still have heaps of design input with regards to how and what buttons they add where.  i haven't put a sentiment on this card as one of the things that really appeals about the design is its versatility.  whether i use this card for a birthday, thinking of you, or as a note card it is still going to work!

thank you so much jessica at how about orange, not only is it a wonderfully designed card but also you give people the ability to achieve making it even if you aren't crafty ... i beat even my sister could do this with her one and only craft item, the glue stick!  this is the item i used and then had to replace while we were in singapore ;)


Christina said...

That card is just too cute!! I am obsessed with buying cards, and it gets expensive!! Maybe I should start making them instead! :)

Jen W. said...

Love it and the Christmas card idea for the kids is brilliant!
By the way, how did you come across my bird's nest card anyway? Was it on Pinterest somewhere? Just curious... :)
And how's Polly's leg doing?

Wida said...

Ah! It's so adorable!

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