Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day 110: tooth fairy bag

the finished tooth fairy bag :)
day 110 and we have some wriggly wiggly teeth around here!  to be fair the tooth fairy has never done a very good job around this house, we do holidays REALLY well but the tooth fairy often takes days to arrive and with ben's teeth we mostly forget to even get them under the pillow!  i have seen some really amazing parents do some wonderful things around the tooth fairy process and it has encouraged me to make a little more effort ... especially as both kids have teeth they will loose in the very near future given the wobbliness of them :)

i thought making this gorgeous little bag by molly at the purl bee might remind us more about - one, putting the tooth under the pillow and, two, hopefully the tooth fairy being a little less delayed in turning up ;)  i plan to safety pin it to the side of the pillow so its a visual reminder there needs to be a visit later in the night!  i pinned molly's creation to my sewing diy board on pinterest.

molly, who made these gorgeous tooth fairy bags even provides you with a template for the tooth pocket ... yeehaa!  i chose a light blue felt figuring it would work for both gender kids. you also need some ribbon, white felt, and some embroidery floss to complete the bag.

the bits and bobs required

ready to attach the tooth pocket

the finished bag with cute tooth pocket!

outcome:  i made this watching the rugby on tv tonight and it was a joy to make.  so much so i plan to give one to every future new born baby i know so their parents can do a better job of the tooth fairy thing than steve and i did!  really cool outcome, hopefully this will spur steve and i on to do a better job of remembering this childhood tradition.

my thanks to molly at the purl bee, i absolutely love this website.  its full of such wonderful diy craft's and this is not the first creation i have made from a tutorial on this site!  molly's sketchbook tutorial is brilliant and really comprehensive which makes it doable for anybody, regardless of crafting ability :)

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Jen W. said...

Cute and what a great baby gift idea! Ours used to get put into a matchbox. :)