Sunday, December 4, 2011

day 178: christmas mug rugs!

the finished santa mug rug!
day 178 and i spent the day crafting at my treausured friend dee's again today while the rest of the family went to the jet sprints in the waikato (more on that later!).  dee is such a talented crafter she saw these santa coasters i had pinned to my christmas is coming board on pinterest and designed a paper piecing pattern for us to make a mug rug using the same design!  aren't kelly ink's coasters absolutely gorgeous and the fabrics she used are beautiful.

dee's pattern worked wonderfully and i completed it with dee's idea of quilt batting on the hat and the very peep friendly googly eyes!  if fact, this one for pollyanna was such a success, i am going to make another one using exactly the same pattern but with different fabrics for ben :)

outcome: in ben's words ... "THAT'S AWESOME MUM"  ... i felt so proud, i'll leave the outcome at that, except to say THANK YOU DEE for the pattern :)

thanks also goes to kelly ink for putting her wonderful creations on flickr for the rest of us to be inspired by!

 ... it poured with rain ALL day so while i had the BEST time, everyone else was hampered by the rain and a bit miserable after their day.

yes, that is my usually cherry daughter unamused at the
cold and rain :(

apparently they were so good though and didn't complain!

this was where the water was supposed to be and not
coming out of the sky!
so while i was excited about making home-made crackers with the peeps as their book advent craft for today they were too tired, so we will make them tomorrow and do a monday double up with our crafting :)


khloegold said...

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Jen W. said...

Bless! Polly's face is hilarious! Love that mug rug - you are becoming the mug rug queen!