Thursday, September 29, 2011

day 112: apricot and white chocolate cookies

day 112 and i wish i could tell you there was a special occasion today and i am baking for that but actually its just because the picture of these looks so good and i love white chocolate!  the recipe from lindsay and taylor at love and olive oil is pinned to my recipe must do's board.

it's not quite apricot season here so i used dried apricots for these cookies ... the rest of the recipe was carried out exactly as the recipe suggests :)

ready for the oven

a tin overflowing with cookies ... the kids were stoked!

outcome: it was hard to wait for an hour before cooking these ... the kids were hanging around like vultures ... they love white chocolate too!  was the wait worth it? totally if you love apricots and white chocolate, steve who prefers brown didn't love them as much as other cookies i have made, but still had four!  can't have been that bad aye!  they do spread and i had a couple of causalities off the side of the cookie sheet but luckily the recipe makes heaps (about 40) so it was a disaster to lose two to the bottom of the oven.  totally yummy, am going to try them with milk chocolate for the next batch :)

my thanks to lindsay and taylor at love and olive oil for sharing this recipe ... it's a winner with the kids and i and the combination of white chocolate and apricots works REALLY well ...  so very very yummy!

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Jen W. said...

Can't beat a tin overflowing with cookies although I don't understand how with only 2 of us they disappear so fast!! :)