Wednesday, September 28, 2011

day 111: crayon art by the peeps

ben's finished work, he was so proud of it!
polly chose to decorate her card as well!
day 111 and its time to use some of these wonderful pinterest inspirations with the peeps.  today the peeps made crayon monograms inspired by the really cool one made by lisa from the blog well, how nice.  what i really liked about her monogram was it didn't have really well clean, defined edges, something i figured the kids would appreciate!  don't get me wrong, i absolutely adore the crayon monograms with the clean crisp lines (totally suits my personality) but i new the kids would grasp the project better and not worry about the need for perfect crayon placement so much when they saw the pictures of lisa's ... i love that hers has a more organic feel!

the peeps are currently looking at sculpture so this fitted in nicely, what better way to sculpt crayons than into your initial!  when they sat down for art they assumed they would be colouring in when they saw the boxes of crayons on the table ... ben looked at me and said "how much colouring do we HAVE to do?" he doesn't love art as much as his sister so the thought he was going to need several boxes of crayons was a little overwhelming for him!  and this was another great learning idea the kids took away from this project - looks can be deceiving, and what one item was designed to do doesn't mean it's the only thing you can do with it!

materials required

the actual project took two boxes of 24 crayons for each initial with very few left over.  we used a craft glue which they dunked the crayons into before attaching them to the cardstock.  i used a yellow sharpie to quickly draft each of their initials onto cardstock so they had a simple template to work to.  i helped them cut the crayons according to their specifications with a stanley knife.

such attention to detail!

her colours had to be perfect!

pollyanna's finished artwork 

benjamin's finished artwork

outcome: love that the peeps were totally fooled on what the art project was going to be!  they thoroughly enjoyed the process which probably took them an hour to complete.  it's amazing how much attention they paid to the crayon placement, i was totally stoked they gave this project such attention to detail.  tomorrow when the glue has set fully they will be an awesome addition to the classroom wall ... full of colour and each shows characteristics of their personality which is awesome :)

my sincere thanks to lisa from the blog well, how nice ... i love her monogram letter and these would be the perfect gifts for teachers and librarians ... especially if you get the kids involved to help!


Mal said...

Those look great, such a clever art project

Jen W. said...

Poor Ben must have thought he was entering the colouring punishment zone with all those crayons! LOL! Love how you used such a straightforward project for so many different lessons. What a great teacher!

Jenny said...

This is so cool, all the bright colours really grab my attention and I would have loved to make one like this when I was younger!
Love how this is a learning and creative journey :)
Jenny x

soknitpicky said...

These look great, and I love all the extra decoration too! I haven't had a chance to go back through your older entries, but I love the idea of trying out so many new things!