Friday, September 2, 2011

day eighty five: stuffed owl

this is a REALLY cute owl!
day eighty five and its time for a little more sewing ... last night i repinned this gorgeous little owl with a pdf pattern from lisa at stubbornly crafty onto my general crafts board and thought he was too cute not to make today!

i gathered my supplies and some heat and bond so as not to test my ability to sew in circles ... not too keen to take that step at this stage ... at all :)  there are a lot of circles to cut when you decide to make one for spring decor and one for the christmas season but i thought this little owl was worth it.

the materials and the very good pattern
the making of the owls in my case involved a lot of ironing!

the pdf pattern prints out on an a4, so this little bird is about 6" when complete.  the instructions on the website are great as they cater for the supremo sewers who will sew and not bond and those of us who just want to bond and then sew the back and front together ... i love people who know there are less capable people than them and are happy to make allowances for them!

my two new little friends
this little guy is obviously destined to be used at christmas!
outcome: tomorrow i will be making at least two more!  i ran out of time today, but polly has asked for a pink one for her bed and i want to make one for halloween as well!  this little one is such a cute size for placing on a sideboard or a little peeps bed ... they will happily add to any season's decor and i am absolutely in love with the christmas owl we have affectionately named mistletoe :)

the tutorial for this little owl is brilliant and i am so grateful to lisa from stubbornly crafty for putting together such an awesome pattern and tutorial ... and she's right, its priceless watching the peep's face when you give it to her to cuddle!


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

what a beautiful hootie, they would make lovely gifts

Marie-Anne said...

CUTE - CUTE- CUTE ...Kirsty :D