Thursday, September 15, 2011

day ninety eight: emergency preparedness kit

the start of the emergency kit with a 52 week plan to
complete :) such a great idea
day ninety eight and embarrassingly i must admit to the fact we do not have an emergency survival kit.  i have thought about doing one many times, especially after christchurch's terrible earthquakes and realising that no matter how well organised your country is for a major disaster you need to be able to survive on your own for 72 hours. the major reasons for not doing it have always been the overwhelming amount of things to organise for it and the cost that goes along with that.

fear not any more as the very sweet stefanie from the blog lovely little snippets has given you a week by week guide to putting one together over a year .... for me this alleviates that sense of overwhelming i get every time i see a disaster on the news and realise my family is not prepared.  so today's p365 creation is the start of our own emergency disaster survival kit.  i knew i would get a lot out of doing 365 days of pinterest creations but this is one of those days when you realise its also having a really positive effect on your life!

i started with stefanie's list and then adapted it according to the information i found here on and then also made some small adjustments to the list with the information i found here for new zealand emergency preparedness.  my final week-by-week guide for putting together my emergency survival kit is pictured below.  if you would like me to email you the word document just drop me a note here.

my 52 week plan of attack to complete
the emergency kit
i then found a storage container to house the kit and laminated a refresh list and stuck it to the top.  this refresh list is such a great idea as it makes sure your emergency kit things get renewed according to expiry dates of items in the box ... how organised is that! i also laminated a list of all the important phone numbers and stuck that inside the box.

the refresh list glued to the top
some of the items we did have so i could start adding
straight away ... a seven week head start!
some of the items (not many) we did have around the house so i added those things to the container ... with  seven 'bonus' items in the container, i'm only 45 weeks from completing the kit ... COOL!

i am SO excited to have this weight lifting off my shoulders
and to have a positive plan to solve the problem :)
outcome: pending ... we will see if i am ready in 365 days time! while it might not be completely ready for a year i now know each week i will be getting closer to being prepared for a disaster and that is better to me than not being ready at all!  i hope never to activate this emergency kit but i will rest easier knowing i am on my way to being organised if one did occur and that is awesome!

i can't thank stefanie at lovely little snippets enough for putting this post up on her blog, it has given me the ability to prepare my family in case of emergency without being overwhelmed by it ... thank you so much stefanie from the bottom of my heart :)


Jen W. said...

I know what you mean about it seeming like an overwhelming task so this is awesome!
And so were the cookies! I had to fend Luis off so he'd have some left to take to work today! :)

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

i know what you mean about the cookies ... they barely lasted to the second day in this house! toooo good!

The Stratton Family said...

thank you for the shoutout! I'm glad I could help!
-Stefanie @ Lovely Little Snippets

The Webbs said...

could you email me your list? thanks!!