Wednesday, September 14, 2011

day ninety seven: chunky twix cookies

the chunky twix cookies ... honestly so very very good :)
day ninety seven and the cupboards are bare mother hubbard so its time to get baking.  just as well i have the best recipe book on hand thanks to the fine pinning that goes on pinterest ...  today's recipe from sprinkled with flour for chunky twix cookies is another winner.  this recipe was pinned to my recipe must do's board and was featured on the lovin the oven blog.

the star ingredient
as this recipe calls for two cups of diced up twix bars, i'm not even going to try and defend this recipe as healthy ... this recipe just looks far too delicious!  you will need the heavy machinery out for the creaming of sugar and butter but apart from that, the recipe looks fairly straight forward :)

my chopped up twix bars
these smell as good as they taste .... mmmmm
outcome:  go MAKE them today ... these are SO good, better than chocolate chip cookies and really easy to make.  they are my favourite cookie so far, absolutely delicious.  i can't tell you whether its the chewy caramel bits or the actual cookie recipe that does it, it's just a scrummo combination :)

big thanks to sprinkled with flour for trying new combinations and then sharing them with us, these cookies made my day and it was a day when i needed something sweet to happen and these were it!  it's no wonder your partner thought these were worth more than just a grunt!

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Jen W. said...

On. My. Goodness. I'm just about to head out to do food shopping and I have a feeling that soe Twix bars are going to find their way into my cart!