Friday, September 9, 2011

day ninety two: cupcakes for the start of the rugby world cup :)

rugby cupcakes :)
day ninety two and the start of the rugby world cup is FINALLY here!  all the flags are going up and people are really starting to get excited.  i thought a day like today deserved some party food and these football cupcakes from looked perfect!  they are pinned to my party ideas board on pinterest.

we have slighty different goal posts than american football (ours look like this H) but apart from that i figured with some scorched almonds for rugby balls these would work well!  i baked up my favourite cupcake recipe  in wrappers and once they had cooled i set to work with my rugby pitches!

rugby ball ingredients
the procedure .... :)
instead of green icing i used a white butter cream icing and then pushed the icing into some green coloured coconut on top for grass.  i always dye my coconut in a ziplock bag so there's no mess!   i then used a ready made white chocolate icing pen to put some stitches on the scorched almond rugby balls.

tonight's half-time feast!
outcome:  the flags are up, the cupcakes are made and i am buzzing and completely excited for tonight's opening ceremony and the first game!  it is tradition in our house to have traditional foods from the host country for dinner, as new zealand is the host it was pretty easy .... and we went with the REALLY easy option of fish and chips with kiwifruit pavlova for dessert!  these cupcakes will be perfect for half time in the rugby and the response from the kids was great ... and you know what, i was pretty proud of them as well!

my thanks to, this site always has what you are looking for even when you don't know it!  i often use their worksheets for my kids and now i know they also have fantastic party ideas!

if you want some quick easy printables for the kids to do during the rugby world cup head to activity village for some great inspiration and there is plenty more on the official RWC website :)


Jen W. said...

Okay, I'm not a big fan of coconut but it sure does make amazing looking grass! LOL! These are so fun!

Jenny Lobrigo said...

It must be a way to start rugby holidays. It looks good and tasty. Keep it up!