Monday, October 3, 2011

day 116: halloween printables put to good use :)

some of the halloween printables put to use :)
day 116 and it's time to start making the house a little more halloweeny! i am starting with the cabinet in our entryway :)

i used the free halloween printables i pinned to my holiday goodness board to fill the frames that adorned the top of the sideboard. the photo frame art comes from craftily ever after, mrs adventurevintage holiday images & cards, the vintage sage, and the graphics fairy. they are all freely available from these awesome sites.  my favourite printables were definitely the vintage halloween postcards :)

before the halloween printables ...

after the halloween printables!

the night time glow ... terrible picture but in real life it's
quite scary for the peeps!

i added some candles and a subway art piece from adelyn stone.  the actual subway art i printed on A4 parchment paper and matted it in some my minds eye paper so it would fit the 11" x 9" frame.

the cool subway art i matted and framed!

outcome:  needs some added extras which i will have to hunt and make over the coming weeks but a jolly good start for someone who hasn't done a lot of halloween decorating!  absolutely LOVE the subway art piece and the vintage postcards ... i'm thinking i may need a skull or two to finish this sideboard off though!

my sincere thanks to the websites listed above for their awesome FREE printables ... it is so nice to be able to use quality finds that don't cost anything :)

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Mal said...

This is a great idea, they look great!