Sunday, October 9, 2011

day 122: spiders legs, rats eyeballs, and ghost poop treat bags

halloween treat bags :)
day 122 and it's time to start organising the treats for the party.  i am making a start on this by recreating the wonderful rats eyeballs, spiders legs, and ghost poop treat bags put together by glory on her glorious treats blog.  i absolutely LOVED this idea when i saw it and thought all the kids would enjoy the contents even more given their hilarious names :)  the idea is also pinned to my holiday goodness board on pinterest.

the wonderful thing about this creation is glory has also posted a free topper for the goodie bags, which you can link to here .... yeehaa!  once you have printed out her cool treat toppers all you need is rats eyeballs (i used jaffa's), spider legs (mini stick pretzels), and ghost poop (mini marshmallows).  i couldn't find just white mini marshmallows so i have gone with a colourful poop combo!

the bits and pieces required 

start with a treat bag and add ghost poop ...

... then spider legs ...

... and then finally rat eyeballs :)

add glory's treat topper and you are finished!

outcome: the actual treat bags look fantastic and while the outcome is pending with regards to what the kids think, i am REALLY happy with them ... visually they look awesome and are so cute :)

my sincere thanks to glory for sharing this wonderful idea on her blog glorious treats, i think it will be a real winner with the peeps at our halloween party, maybe they will even think twice about what they are actually eating!


Jen W. said...

You are the Halloween Queen right now! I love these last three posts - simple projects but so very effective! Wish I could come to your party! :)

Pollyanna - I took Jem's life jacket back to the store to exchange it for a larger size and wouldn't you know they didn't have any!! And since summer's over they won't get more until next year now. :( So for now, Jem will have to take it easy while he's swimming so he doesn't inhale too much water!

Okio B Designs said...

Oh my gosh that is just hysterical! I have to get goodies for both boys classes this year and I think this would be perfect! HA!