Thursday, October 13, 2011

day 126: chocolate covered witches warts

witch wart treats
day 126 and we are packaging up some chocolate covered witches warts ... don't these sound oh so delicious!  one things for sure i will never look at chocolate covered raisins the same way again :)  this great idea comes from can't stop making things.  this is a great website for all sorts of creative ideas for the home, holidays, and there are plenty of free printables too!

this is one of those wonderfully easy creations which involves assembling as opposed to making!  i did decide to make my own bag tags as i needed six of the same type. apart from some tags you need some cellophane bags, ribbon, and some chocolate covered warts ... i mean raisins. then its a case of filling the bags with the raisins attaching some ribbon to the tag and tying the treat bag closed. sweet!

bags are filled and need a tag!

finished treat bags :)

outcome: these will make the perfect party favours, especially for my little food allergens! i love it when something from everyday life becomes just a little bit more fun and special simply by changing its name!

special thanks to can't stop making things for this great but simple idea that i NEVER would have thought of ... its the little things that make things memorable and special as i keep saying and this is one of those little things :)

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