Sunday, October 23, 2011

day 136: oreo spiders for halloween

my festive looking spiders!
day 136 and it's time to make some more food for the party ... if they last with such a full, hungry household!  these spiders were inspired by the ones made on halloween experts.  these guys really are the experts when it comes to making lots of COOL stuff for halloween!

the nice thing with these is its another assemble rather than a make, which is a good thing as we spend most of the day getting ready for the rugby!

the troops

nothing like cousins who love being together :)

my happy sis mo ... yes we all went goth
for a good cause, even the nails went black!

my adorable mum

they are!

ok back to pinteresting things!  today's creation requires oreos, black liquorice, m&m's, and some frosting.  then find a quiet place from the masses for 20 minutes and assemble :)

the requirements for assemblage!

start with the oreo and add legs ...

they add some yummy eyes ...

the quiet place was so full of people, they were even
snapping the pictures for me ;)

outcome: so neat! i am really happy with these.  such a great idea and the kids hanging around today loved them ... ok that's it i'm off to watch the game! short but sweet and successful :)

big shout out to halloween experts for this brilliant idea, love how easy they were to put together and they got plenty of ooh's and aahh's from the bystanders!  yes, it proved too hard to find a quiet spot today but that's not really what today was about ....

ALLEZ LE NOIR (i think that's right!)

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Jenny said...

I'm not big on spiders but these are so cute!
Jenny x