Saturday, October 22, 2011

day 135: creepy peepers jello/jelly

creepy peepers jelly/jello
day 135 and we have a house FULL of wonderful people this weekend for the world cup final :)  i love it when the house is full of the friends and family having a good time, especially when it's my sister mo's family who arrived late last night!  two weeks ago mo decided she couldn't stay away from the world cup excitement and packed her family on a flight to nz for 4 days to take in the festivities and attend the final!

given our children didn't think they would see each other until next year the excitement of seeing one another again so soon is totally overwhelming for them and they are permanently in party mode!  poor sam thought he would also be here for the halloween party but sadly they won't be :(  i decided to do something about this and create something halloweeny for the kids today so sam and isla could partake with their cousins in this holiday season!  as i planned to serve creepy peepers jello/jelly at our halloween party, i figured it was a good idea to test it out with the peeps ;)

i remember from singapore that sam loved jelly and thought this would go down well with my little nephew. this wonderful idea comes from in katrina's kitchen and is pinned to my holiday goodness board on pinterest.

i waited until the kids were tucked up tight in bed and then made up some green jelly/jello.  once the jelly had semi set i transferred it into plastic cups and poked in some eyes!

i used just eyeballs and lime jelly for this creation

individual creepy peepers jelly/jello!

outcome: the peeps are having this as a surprise for dessert tomorrow night before the big game so i am hoping they will love it as much as i do.  it looks creepy and very halloweeny so what's not to love. when i make these for the party on sunday i will let them almost set until i insert the eyes so i can manipulate the placement even more :)

my sincere thanks to katrina from in katrina's kitchen for this simple and easy to achieve idea ... it is totally awesome for a halloween bash and easy to do lots of individual serves when you have friends and family over.

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Jen W. said...

These are up there with the skeleton ice cubes for me! Glad your family could come for a surprise visit. Have fun watching the final tomorrow!