Tuesday, October 25, 2011

day 138: halloween mandarins!

the healthy party option!~
day 138 and it's time to make something healthy for the halloween party.  over the last several days i have been having the best time planning the menu for our halloween afternoon tea at the party.  i wanted to make sure there were plenty of sweet and savoury options, hot and cold dishes, lollies, and of course a couple of healthy options as well!  they may stay untouched by the kids but i figured if they were dressed up in halloween disguise they may get more traction with the little peeps ;)

my kids adore fruit so when i saw these fun looking halloween pumpkin mandarins i knew i wanted them to be one of the healthy options at the party.  the idea comes from the princess and the frog blog and are pinned to my holiday goodness board on pinterest.  this is a gorgeous blog and you should see the amazing halloween costumes her kids wear each year thanks to their grandma!

all you need is some sweet mandarins, a sharpie, and a steady hand.  then you can set to work making your own little halloween pumpkin mandarins :)

the undecorated mandarins

happiness is fruit with a personality!

some are happy, some are scary, some are just odd!

outcome: hopefully they will go down a treat with the party goers!  if the bowl is empty at the end of the party i know they will have been a success.  so until that time i guess the outcome is pending unless you count the very cute one i had while making them, he was delicious even if i did have to pull his face apart to get to the very sweet mandarin!

my thanks to the princess and the frog blog for this really cute idea that should get the kids far more interested in the healthy options for afternoon tea that will be available at the party!