Wednesday, October 26, 2011

day 139: halloween kebabs

halloween kebabs
day 139 and we are serving up yet more food today and while yesterdays was in the healthy food basket today's definitely isn't.  halloween sweet kebabs are inspired by the ones found on the flickr site of your home based mom. hers looked so festive i couldn't help myself for not trying these out and immediately pinned them to my holiday goodness board when i saw them on pinterest!

all you need is a huge amount of halloween looking sweets and some kebab sticks ... then start skewering them on with gusto :)

the requirements

a finished kebab

jars of kebabs

severed finger anyone?

outcome:  how yum do these look!  i think the peeps at the party will make a beeline for these beauties.  they look really festive and as a bonus will look awesome on the table with their added height!  nothing makes me happier than aesthetically pleasing looking food for a party.

my thanks to the photos your home based mom loaded onto her flickr site, they were very inspiration and something i am definitely pleased to have made :)


Mal said...

These are hilarious!

Jenny said...

Yum, these would be my favourite at the party...a sugar high :)
Jenny x