Thursday, October 27, 2011

day 140: halloween games

filling of the balloons for pop goes the pumpkin game
day 140 and we are giving halloween food a rest for today!  instead i put together a treasure hunt and a pumpkin balloon game for the party on sunday.  both of today's games are pinned to my holiday goodness board on pinterest.

the treasure hunt is an idea i got from the website party game ideas.  this website has games for EVERY occasion and its a site i have never visited before i found them on pinterest.  they have the most fantastic ideas and what i love most about this website is that all their ideas are age appropriate and categorised.  if you need games for a party look no further than party game ideas.

for my halloween treasure hunt i have given each child a list of things they need to find and each child's list is a little different according to their age.  if i had been having children that were all the same age to the party i would have done away with the list and just given everybody a certain number of things to find.  as the age range of sunday's party is from 2 to 10 i wanted to make sure the littlest peeps didn't miss out on anything. i figured if everybody had their own list then i could hide the littlest peeps stuff more openly than the older kids which i can hide far more discretely!

the goodies and treasure hunt cards

each child will be given their own treasure to find

the other game i found on pinterest for halloween (which i have had pinned for ages and was desperate to make) was the pop goes the pumpkin game from martha stewart.  you put prizes in each of the orange balloons then blow them up and attach to a wall in the shape of a pumpkin.  the kids then pop the balloons to win the different prizes .. how cool is that, it's like a balloon pi├▒ata! as we have an open home before the party i couldn't blow the balloons up and attach them to the wall today but i did insert prizes into all the balloons ready to go for sunday.

filling of 42 orange balloons!
outcome:  totally pending for now, results with be pictured and blogged about on sunday evening!  i am very hopeful though, that both these games will go well as they look like so much fun!

thanks to party game ideas for providing the ultimate in party games websites where there are so many games its hard to choose!  and also thanks to martha stewart's team for providing another awesome idea for halloween fun :)

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Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Love that you modified the treasure hunt so the littlest can enjoy, too!