Saturday, November 5, 2011

day 149: sour cream coffee cake

sour cream coffee cake
day 149 and we had some sour cream that needed using so i went to my favourite recipe book to find inspiration and sure as eggs pinterest provided me with heaps of alternatives!

ali at gimme some oven provided a sour cream coffee cake recipe.  this recipe looked perfect, all basic ingredients and not too many eggs (our chooky's appear to be on strike down in the fields, either that or they are hiding their nests!).  i have used recipes from ali's blog before with great success so i was more than happy to try another of her recipes.  and just in case you are wondering the coffee in this recipe refers to what you would drink with the cake as opposed to an ingredient of the cake ;)  i pinned this to my recipe must do's board and started work on the cake.

you do need the heavy machinery out for this recipe but i was happy to pull it out today as the cupboards needed some filling even this far into no spend november :)  the cake is a simple creaming of butter, sugar, and eggs followed by the flour mix and sour cream.  the nice surprise with this cake is the topping goes in the middle AND on top!  i made the cake while the rest of the family dished up dinner around me, so it was definitely easy on time to make.

bringing the wet and dry ingredients together

ready for the oven complete with topping inside and out!

the delicious smelling cake

outcome:  35 minutes after going into the oven, out came a yummy smelling cake that looked delicious.  we had it warm as a dessert.  i couldn't believe how light and airy the cake was, i'm guessing that's what sour cream does to a cake.  if you want something light after a meal or in the afternoon with coffee this cake is a must ... it was really hard to say no to another piece and actually most of the family didn't!  this is the perfect cake for taking out to friends and family as well because it's large, delicious, and if you are rushed for time it doesn't need frosting!

thanks once again to ali at gimme some oven for yet another delicious recipe.  i will be making this again very soon to share with others!

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Jen W. said...

Looks super yummy! I can almost smell it fro here!
Maybe I need to send Atti and Jem over to find those chickens and their nests!