Sunday, November 6, 2011

day 150: december daily 2011

december daily album foundation pages starting to take
shape :)
day 150 ... wow where have the days gone! even christmas is right around the corner and today's pinterest creation is actually something i have made about this time every year for the past 4 years ... ali edwards december daily album.  i made one in 2007 for the first time and i absolutely loved making it and documenting our daily lives during the festive season.

when i saw the december daily in the pinterest gallery i pinned it immediately to remind me to look at what others had done over the years to get new ideas for it.  last year i went down the road of an 8 x 8" album and every day was exactly the same size and they were all on white card (see below)

2010 december daily cover

inside pages

more inside pages ... see very structured not a lot
of whimsy!

in previous years i had mixed it up with different sized pages and taken a less structured approach to the album, something i wanted to do again this year.  there were also many albums in the pinterest gallery that had taken a really vintage feel to their albums, very old worldly looking, and that was something i also wanted to incorporate into this years album which i have not done previously.  i am hoping this vintage look will really work well with all the home crafting and baking i plan to do during this festive season ... heehee such high hopes, i'm sure i will laugh when i look back at what i thought i was going to do!

i had a stash of graphic 45 christmas papers from last year and also went through everything else pulling anything christmas and vintage looking i could find.  i spend a glorious day with my dear friend dee (who fed and watered me too well!) crafting at her home and i worked on this album for the entire day while chatting to her and bouncing ideas off one another about other craft projects, including my new years resolution to learn to crochet :)  the day was SO productive i managed to get all 26 days done :) i just have the cover pages to do, which my sweet husband is going to help me cut tomorrow out of mdf.

the bits and bobs

day 10 ... done

day two .... done

yes .. another day done!

happiness in tags!

happiness is a day of work well done!

outcome:  love my pages, they are very simple at the moment but that's how i like them to start so there are plenty of options for photo and journalling layouts.  some pages are cut down envelopes and the rest are out of double sided scrapbook paper from graphic 45 and bo bunny.  now for the covers tomorrow and then i am ready for december to begin :)

this is now a tradition for me and without the idea from the wonderful ali edwards i never would have started this album series, which the rest of the family loves just as much as me.  a heart felt thank you from me to you ali edwards for all the wonderful inspiration and encouragement you provide each year for this project, it is very much aprreciated :)


Jenny said...

This looks like a great make and memory keepsake Kirsty...I'm not sure I'd keep up to date with it but look forward to seeing yours progress:)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I am so impressed you got all the pages made in one day! I dither so much I'd have to start working on it in January to get it done in time for December!