Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day 153: countdown to christmas free printable

a dry erase christmas countdown :)
day 153 and i have a christmas countdown on my blog but not in the house ... shame on me!  today we solve this small issue with a free printable countdown from sarah at life {sweet} life.  not only does she have a free printable to frame for your christmas countdown, but sarah also offers it in two colour choices of red or green ... now that is sweet.  the free printable is designed to go into a picture frame with glass so you can use it as a dry erase crhistmas countdown.

this is a perfect because i have lots of frames so i don't need to buy anything for this project, although i could have done with a magenta printer cartridge :(  i printed the red version of the countdown out confident i could find a frame to match the size ... i couldn't.  i did, however, find a very christmasy looking frame that was a 6 x 4" frame so decided to go with that and print the image out again at that size.  only this time my printer told me i was out of magenta ink and would need to print in greyscale .... WHAT (P*@#*&$(*  this is when no spend november came and bit me in the behind today.  no more colour printing for another 21 days, yikes!  and that folks is why i have been forced to have a chosen greyscale christmas countdown.

my first choice red one, shame about the fact i didn't have
a frame for this size ... measure first then print

the greyscale option with a frame that fits!

happy days, a frame with a print that fits :)

nested christmas countdown in the the rest of the greyscale

outcome:  luckily i have planted the frame in with some black and white photo blocks so it doesn't look too bad ... but a lot less christmasy than the red one i had planned to use.  love the free printable though, looks great in a frame.

thanks goes to sarah at life {sweet} life for the wonderful free printable that has two three colour choices, it is brilliant and can easily be adapted to any size frame you have ;)


Jen W. said...

The grey still works. Why not bling it up with some red and green gems scattered around the grey?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thanks jen ... that's a great idea, will enhance it today :)

Nadine said...

It looks very sophisticated and glam like that!

Danielle said...

Totally going to make one for my home! Thanks for the great tip :)

Natalie Caroline said...

What do you mean by "free printable"?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

hi natalie caroline, on the website below is a free printable you can download for the countdown design i inserted into the frame :)