Sunday, November 13, 2011

day 157: christmas pj's for the kids

the finished pj pants :)
day 157 and after yesterday's sewing success i decided another sewing project was in order for today's creation.    i went with christmas pj's for the kids, well actually kid because i have no boy christmas material at all so ben's will have to wait until dec 1 :)  nancy at my cotton creations has the MOST amazing tutorial for making the EASIEST pyjama pants.  please check out her tutorial if you have kids and a ready stash of fabric.  i guarantee you will not want to pay for your kids pj's again!

polly gave me a pair of her winter pj pants that still fit well and i used those to cut the first piece of fabric as nancy demonstrates in her tutorial.  then you use that piece to cut the second and final piece of fabric for the pj's.  as christmas is in the summer here, i decided i would shorten the length and go for 3/4 pj's so pollyanna wouldn't get too hot in them.  then head to the sewing machine and turn on the iron.  approximate 30 minutes later you will end up with some cute as pj pants.  in fact, these pj's were so easy i decided to cuff them at the bottom of the legs and add the same christmas fabric to the top to jazz them up and make them even more festive! and thanks to nadine the sewing went well today because i changed the needle ... thank you my dear :)

what you need for this tutorial ... and a sewing machine!

polly's christmas pj's

outcome: as you will already be able to tell, i LOVE these pyjama pants and the tutorial from nancy was just awesome!  even me and my sewing capabilities never missed a beat with this creation. i plan to make all the kids pj pants from now on and just team them up with a cotton tee.  this has been one of my favourite pinteresting creation days so far!

the biggest thanks to nancy at my cotton creations for her amazing christmas pyjama tutorial.  i had so much fun making them and they were so quick and easy, i instantly went back to her site and became her latest follower!  


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

one of my favourites too, how cute are they? perfect for summer

Nadine said...

You're welcome!

Jen W. said...

Love the cuffs that you added - so adorable - and Pollyanna is a great model! :) I'll be sending you my measurements any day now... ;)

Jen W. said...

Thought of you when I saw this card - I know how you love your buttons!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

that card is so cute ... were you volunteering to make it so i could copy your instructions my dear :)

Jenny said...

Love the mix of fabric designs Kirsty.
I think mine are too old for these now..shame would be a great beginners project for sewing :)
Jenny x

Kerryanne English said...

Thanks for linking up at the Simply Christmas link party Kirsty. I featured your project today so pop over for a look.
Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne