Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 161: felt flowers of the easy kind!

the very pretty, very easy felt flowers :)
day 161 and we are organising for a garage sale this weekend so i haven't had too much time for crafting today.  lucky for me crystal at little bit funky came up with a 20 minute craft for me to complete today :)  these felt flowers look amazing and i instantly thought they would be great to have for gift toppers during december.

i made several different sizes as i wanted to give all the different types a go and see which i liked best. i made from 1.5" x 9" to 4" x 12".

the starting felt pieces

then you simply fold them in half and cut at intervals not
quite through to the other side.

then you roll the cut felt and hot glue a piece onto the
bottom that will be trimmed into the circle as the base
of the flower

to the smaller ones i added some leaves :)
a closer look at the completed flowers:)

outcome: awesome!  these were completely satisfying to make and also a little addictive!  it was really cool to see how the different widths of fabric changed the outcome of the flower. i REALLY like the smaller width flowers and their tighter petals, they look so cute :)  if you have felt hanging around, you need to seriously try these, they are so easy and so completely adorable ... now, for all the projects i can use them on, not to mention the gifts i plan to top them with.

a big thank you to crystal at little bit funky for her 20 minute craft felt flowers, i was really pushed for time today so i truly appreciated this short, but totally inspiring and very doable tutorial.


Jen W. said...

I've seen these around and thought they were so cute! Now that I've got your handy dandy pictures I'll give them a try!

~Tammy~ said...

These are fab! TFS!

Hey Mickey said...

I've made a few of these recently - they're great aren't they....simple to make but look kind of crafting!