Monday, November 21, 2011

day 165: berry cookie bars

the slice ... before they ate it
day 165 and i am into the kitchen today to do some baking for the tins.  monica from lick the bowl good has come up with another mouth watering recipe for cranberry cookie bars ... they look so very very delicious!  unfortunately there are no cranberry's in this mothers cupboard so i am making these bars with frozen mixed berries instead.

this recipe does call for the heavy machinery to be lifted out of the cupboard but as the bars looked so good and i had all the ingredients i figured it would be worth it.  the only changes i made to the recipe were using the frozen mixed berries instead of cranberries and i didn't sprinkle with the additional sugar.  apart from those minor variations, i followed the recipe and they were in the oven in ten minutes.

before baking

after baking

before the eating took place, just as well they took the
photos ;)

outcome:  i am assuming these were awesome.  you will notice on my side bar in the blurb about me i mention that i have the full support of my family in this 365 undertaking.  i put these bars into the oven and realised i hadn't left enough time to get them out before i went to play netball so my sweet husband said he would take them out at the right time and take some pictures for me to post with ... perfect.  when i returned home i found the baking tray on the table HALF EMPTY ... apparently these were so good warm, my support crew went ahead and ate half of them!  mental note, double the recipe the next time i make these as they didn't even reach the tin let alone fill it :)  the recipe doesn't make heaps but even so they were so tasty even i had two pieces!

thanks to monica from lick the bowl good ... i think ... my visions of filled baking tins didn't quite happen but i do have a really happy family and it is all thanks to her wonderful recipe!


Jen W. said...

LOL! Glad they left a bit for you! It does look super yummy.
I see from your Pinterest board that Polly anna is a big Garfield fan. Just another reason she is one of the coolest kids I know. Garfield rocks!

Jenny said...

mmmm..... that was a lesson well learn't and you can't blame them, they do look rather yummy :)
I don't mind cranberries but the soft berry version looks much nicer :)
Jenny x