Sunday, November 20, 2011

day 164: fabric bucket

the finished fabric basket ... this one is about 9" high 
day 164 and today i had the best day sewing at a dear, dear friends.  dee and i made fabric buckets today for my pinterest creation ... i tell ya, there is nothing better than spending the day chatting about crafts and crafting!

a while ago i pinned these fabric buckets from 2 little hooligans to my sewing diy board and today we decided was the day to make them ... so we did!  the tutorial from christina is fabulous and we were done with our two buckets in just over an hour.  christina even provides you with a pattern to print if you want to create a nest of three buckets.  dee had a large picnic plate that we used as the base and for the sides you just measure the circumference of the plate and the height of the bucket is to your pleasing.

the red gingham one is mine and the one with the
cool retro lamp shades is dee's ... next up you add the lining

lining added and the bucket is all but
complete with just the heading stitching to do
my completed bucket, just needs some felt holly don't you

outcome: OVER THE MOON!  these buckets were a joy to make and the final outcome is so awesome!  i plan to make many more in the next couple of days.  the red gingham one i made today is going to have a felt holly attached to it to make it a christmas one!  i also plan to make two sets of nesting buckets as christmas presents for family they worked so well!  my house will soon be littered with these buckets as they are so useful and you can make them purpose sized for your needs ... how cool is that :)

a very big thank you to christina for this brilliant tutorial on making fabric buckets, they are simply a joy to make and so incredibly useful.  her site is amazing, full of fantastic crafting and wonderful eye candy as well!

we were done so quickly with the fabric buckets, my sweet friend dee, had time to teach me paper piecing for quilting.  i had the BIGGEST thrill today, i ACTUALLY quilted a mug rug, complete with a christmas tree.  AND the mug rug even works ... check that out!

i still find it amazing that i quilted this mug rug today!
i couldn't have done it without you dee, thank you
so much my friend :)

i'm off to find more christmas mug rugs to pin to my boards so i can make one for each member of the family!


Rhonda said...

Really cute projects. I am always happy when I have time for sewing

Jen W. said...

These are so cute and so handy! What a fabulous idea!

Jenny said...

A really useful make Kirsty and that cup of tea was probably just what you needed after a day of sewing :)
Great you spend it with a friend.
Jenny x