Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 167: paper piecing for a mug rug

a mug rug for my mum to use during december :)
day 167 and i am going to try and use my new found skills in paper piecing (a type of quilting) to make a christmas mug rug for my mum.  the one i made the other day is getting SO much use i definitely need to make one for everyone!  i found this paper piecing pattern from azpatch for a candle on pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my mum's mug rug.  the pattern is pinned to my christmas is coming board.

i printed off the pattern and enlarged it slightly to make it easier for me to sew!  the next job was to find some fabric and cut pieces to fit each numbered space.  then it's a case of sewing in the order of the numbers and then finishing the quilting process by something dee call sewing in the ditches (i think that's what she said anyway!).

the finished mug rug :)

outcome:  not too bad for my first effort at paper piece quilting on my own!  i was so engrossed in the process though i did forget to take photos along the way, so today their are only after shots!  i am really enjoying starting to quilt and i think it has made a huge difference starting off with some small things and using this method ... so much easier than trying to match large squares together!  i can't thank my dear friend dee enough for helping me learn this technique, you are such a sweetie my lovely friend :)

my thanks to azpatch for this wonderfully free paper piecing pattern that enabled me to make the cutest christmas mug rug for my sweet mum :)


Jen W. said...

So so cute! I love paper piecing on my cards so maybe I need to try this one...

Jenny said...

A mug rug is such a good name for them...much more interesting than a coaster!!!
Never thought of it as paper piecing but I suppose it's exactly the same principal!!
Yours looks brilliant, perfect for the festive period :)
Jenny x