Friday, November 25, 2011

day 169: gift for my brother

the perfect present for a twenty plus year old boy!
day 169 and it's time to send off my brother's birthday present (sorry it's late jack!).  i used some reward points i had to get some gift vouchers for him.  i found this wrapping idea, which is just perfect for a university student :)  the idea is from create my event and they use it as a graduation present, which is also a great idea.  actually i think if you have young adults out flatting or at university it's the perfect present for them at any time of the year!  as such, i pinned this idea to my gift wrapping and gift ideas board on pinterest.

i am using a frame i already had and then printed off a backing sheet.  then it was simply a case of attaching the vouchers and sealing the frame.

what you need

the finished present!

outcome: pending, but its such a great gift for a boy who is HARD to buy for!  i am totally stoked and even if he does "break" the glass straight away at least it should make him laugh and is better than just putting vouchers in a card for a twenty something boy who's going to toss the card as soon as he gets it :)  totally cynical sorry but so true of my brother ;)

my thanks to create my event for this fantastic idea to that makes giving vouchers or money far more fun, especially for university guys and girls who need it!

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Jen W. said...

Awesome! I may be stealing this idea for my brother!