Thursday, December 8, 2011

day 182: fabric house ornaments for the christmas tree

the finished barn ornament!
day 182 and the kids were keen to get back to the sewing machine today after their successful pillow making yesterday.  just as well because today's pinterest creation AND book advent craft are to make fabric houses to go on the christmas tree.  i was absolutely inspired to make some after seeing this one of astrid's from red red completely red on pinterest.  it looked so sweet and i thought they would look absolutely adorable hanging from the tree.  the idea is pinned to my 2011 advent crafts board.

the other aspect i liked about the fabric houses was the the ability to individualise them ... we could make them however we wanted!  this was particularly appealing because we currently live in a barn shaped house and i thought it would be neat if we could recreate that look on a christmas decoration!

the templates i made for making the houses

ben studiously working away!

the starting of a little barn ...

ben's finished ornament ... he was so so

polly's finished ornament ... she thought sewing each
day for the summer holidays would be a great idea!

outcome:  mental note, don't complicate an already perfectly beautiful craft.  the peeps AND i found it really tough to sew around the round "barn" roof.  individualisation is overrated! we should have stuck with the triangle roof, mastered that and then moved on to barn shaped ornaments.  so while i struggled with the imperfection of my ornament, my peeps thought they had made gems.  they were so PROUD of their creations, i had to take a step back and realise just how awesome they are.  here they are learning to sew and loving it!  while today's pinterest creation was the fabric house ornaments, in reality today's pinterest creation was teaching two enthusiastic little peeps the joy of making something with your own two hands ... and that my friends was priceless :)

my sincere thanks to astrid from red red completely red for this fabulous idea.  i feel in love with her site, this week she made pen holder as a male christmas present (very cool idea), so of course i now follow all her creations!


Jen W. said...

An important lesson! Glad the kids are having so much fun with these projects. You are a rockin' mom!

Astrid said...

Love how yours turned out! I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to help with the sewing!