Thursday, December 22, 2011

day 196: christmas baking

delish cookies and the recipe makes plenty ... lots to love
about this recipe!
day 196 and it was a day spent in the kitchen making all sorts of yummy things for my sweet mum and husband to take to their works for morning tea tomorrow .... and hopefully a bit leftover for my helpers :)  included in the baking were these delicious looking cookies from baked to perfection, what's not to love about the name of these cookies, white chocolate and cranberry oatmeal cookies.  they were immediately pinned to my christmas is coming board when i saw them on pinterest.

as it was christmas i had all the heavy machinery out and this recipe does require the mixer, so no one bowl wonder here but it is the festive season so i was happy to make the effort!  apart for the beating requirement, this recipe is really straight forward.

ready for the oven

baked and ready to EAT!

outcome: awesome :)  REALLY yummy, totally up my alley as they have my two favourite baking ingredients ... white chocolate and cranberries!  these are the bomb as my peeps keep saying, love when new recipes are a big hit.

thank you to risa for this wonderful recipe, definitely adding this to our yearly christmas baking!

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