Monday, December 26, 2011

day 200: happy boxing day and a bacon blanket for the turkey :)

this was so delicious and looked so cool!
 day 200 and its boxing day ... love boxing day as it's the day we have our big, but relaxed christmas dinner complete with turkey, ham, roasted vegies, and all the trimmings.  my creation for today is a bacon blacket for the turkey, loved the idea when i saw it on pinterest so it was an absolute must for today!

the idea comes from mother earth news and is pinned to my christmas is coming board.  all you need is the turkey (ours is all stuffed and lightly seasoned with the legs trussed up) and some streaky bacon.  then you weave the bacon on top of the turkey starting in one corner.  once the blanket was finished it was covered in tinfoil and placed into the pizza oven for three hours.  we use our pizza oven for roasting during the summer months as its too hot to have an oven going inside ALL day, plus it means i don't have to clean it so often!

you need a turkey and some streaky bacon!

start in a corner and add a piece each way
for the lattice works really well

ready for the pizza oven once covered in
tinfoil :)
crispy bacon, perhaps a little too
crispy in places but it actually
tasted great with the turkey!
outcome: i was really intimidated when i thought about undertaking this given i have no experience in weaving anything, let alone bacon!  but starting in one corner and adding a piece each way works wonders and it was actually really easy ... love that :)  it looked awesome going into the pizza oven and it came out looking even better.

my thanks to mother earth news for this great idea, it was totally worth doing and really enhanced the flavour of the turkey lurkey ;)

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