Tuesday, December 27, 2011

day 201: turkey toasted sandwiches

the very good, very delicious way to use leftover turkey.

day 201 and we are at that day we you have a WHOLE lot of turkey that needs using!  off to pinterest i went to find some solutions.  the weather has turned a little cold today and we are all a little tired, so turkey toasties for dinner sounded ideal.  i came across this turkey cranberry monte cristo from paula deen and also these turkey, brie, and cranberry panini's from annies eats.  i liked bits of both recipes and thought i would use those bits to create some turkey toasties of my own :)

i used wholemeal pitas, basil pesto, cranberry sauce, brie, and turkey to make these toasties.  i layered the ingredients onto the split pitas and put them into the panini machine.

what was used :)

the layers ready to be sandwiched together

goes well with champagne too!
outcome: mmmm ... good way to have left over turkey!  pollyanna and i really enjoyed these, the rest of the clan had turkey and reheated vegies with gravy ... i think they had a bit of food envy though, so i gave one to ben who seemed to regret his decision to have vegies instead and he thought they were so good we should have them again tomorrow!  i thought that was a good idea and any leftover turkey after tomorrow is heading down to the chooks!    almost had my fill of turkey for this festive season, champagne's still good though ;)

my thanks to paula deen and annies eats for their inspiration to make our turkey leftovers so much more tasty and inviting than plain old cold turkey ... nothing wrong with cold turkey but as we had it for lunch it was definitely good to disguise it in another way :)

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