Sunday, January 1, 2012

day 206: happy new year and a give away from my memories

happy new year
wishing all my dear readers the warmest of wishes for the coming year, may it be full of surprises and may it bring peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

and perhaps the chance to win some awesome goodies from pinterest 365, starting with ....

day 206 and the first day of the a new year is always exciting, especially when you are surrounded by loved ones, relaxed, and planning for all sorts of good things to do for the coming year!  today is even more exciting as i have a wonderful give away from my memories  (digital scrapbooking company) to draw at the end of this week. they are going to give one lucky person their my memories suite!  the my memories software suite allows you to create your own scrapbooking pages, cards, albums, and so much more as you will see this week :) all you need to do is leave a comment and let me know which my memories kit you would like to see me make something with over the weekend ... that's it, easy aye!

for those of you who can't wait or don't want to take the chance on winning, my memories has also provided me with a code that will give my readers $10 off the my memories suite AND $10 to spend on additional kits ... although i have to say you get HEAPS of goodies with the actual suite, which was a real bonus i hadn't expected :)  the promotion code to use is STMMMS12847.

the finished 2D button monogram .. totally happy with this cute
little trinket box for polly

on with today's creation, which is something i have been wanting to do for AGES!  its's a button monogram, i have seen so many of these on pinterest and really wanted to make one but never seem to have enough buttons to make one worthy for the project :)  lucky there are plenty of buttons available for FREE on my memories so i thought i would give a digital one a go! 

this lovely green one i pinned to my general crafts board on pinterest is from jen at little adventures.  she described it as an awesome stash buster, so i figure one of my resolutions (along with learning to crochet and quilt) for 2012 is to get better and having more stash ;)  i'm betting my husband will think this resolution is unnecessary but he and i butt heads differ with regards to the need for a certain level of stash!

i used a monogram "p" inserted onto a digital page that i sized to A4 then added HEAPS of buttons and brads to the top of it before turning the monogram p white so you couldn't see it.  i then printed it out the size i needed to attach it to a gift box i had.  button monogram done!

started with a monogram

then added buttons and brads of all shapes and sizes to
over the original initial. 

printed it out ...

and attached it to the top of a gift box ...

before adding so ribbon ... because all girls who have
trinkets also love ribbon ;)
outcome: so so cute and while you could use this as a gift box with the recipients initial on top, this one is destined to be used as polly's trinket box.  she is a typical little girl who has little "jewels" she wants to keep safe and out of sight of everybody (including the kittens!) and this box will certainly do the trick :)   as a bonus for today's creation, i didn't burn my hands with the hot glue sticking buttons down!  i think the my memories software is a bit like photoshop in a lot of respects as you can manipulate and design all sorts of cool things OR take the cheats, but ever so practical, way and use all the ready made goodies to make bits and bobs in no time.

my thanks to jen at little adventures for the fantastic inspiration, one day my stash of buttons and brads may be big enough to do a 3D one, in the meantime i am absolutely stoked with the 2D version ... so my thanks must also go to the my memories software for making this creation so easy to achieve :)


Jen W. said...

Happy new year! Finally back home and getting settled and trying to catch up on blogs. Everyone's been so busy it feels like I've been gone for months! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas full of lots of yumminess. (my mouth is watering from looking at that ham... And the bacon covered turkey... And the leftover sandwiches... Pretty much all of it!). Hoping to get back into the Craft Cave later in the week. I'm itching to get crafty! Big love and New Year's hugs to you all

Autumn Lingerfelt said...

Happy new year!! I would love to win the MyMemories suite!!

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

I would love you to do a layout with Time to Play combo kit. I have tons of pictures of my little boy and need some fresh ideas.