Friday, January 20, 2012

day 225: first day survival kits

the finished articles......and maybe a few m&ms missing

day 225 and the school room is still going through its makeover thanks to some time away holidaying.  it needs to be finished during next week as we start school in two weeks time! yikes, i can't believe how fast this summer is going and i feel very lucky to have done so much and spent most of it with family and friends.

this year the peeps are moving into uncharted territory, especially for ben who is going to have a huge year of home learning.  he is ten but will be starting year 9 english, maths, and science.  its going to be a big step up for a boy who loves learning and his mama who realised this week just how big a jump up from primary learning this is going to be ... it's exciting but heart stopping at the same time~!

i was looking through my home school projects board for resources to compliment the curriculum i am putting together and found this first day of school survival kit from bee in our bonnet.  i thought this was a great idea for the peeps only to discover when i went to  bee in our bonnet for further investigation it was supposed to be for teachers!  not easily put off and wanting to set the year off on the right foot i decided to make the peeps first day of school survival kits :)  the items all went into an embroidery box for each peep and the bits and pieces that made up the kits were colour coded according to their favourite colours (yellow and green for ben, red and pink for pollyanna).

yellow peanut m&ms.....yumm

red peanut m&ms.....yumm

for the peeps first day of school survival kits i went with the following:
i then used my new favourite publishing tool (my memories software) to make the kit toppers ... :)

outcome:   this little kit will hopefully ensure the peeps (and teachers if you are gifting this) know that you are right behind them for having a successful, fun filled year ... that's what i hope the little bit of effort says anyway!  these were really fun to put together, not sure if that's because i love shopping for stationery or whether it's because i know my peeps will laugh when they open up their little boxes and say "did you get these off pinterest mum?"  yes, that is almost an automatic question from my peeps nowadays if i try to make something new ... and you know what, more often than not it is!

my sincere thanks to bee in our bonnet for this great idea.  whether for peeps or teachers everybody deserves to start the first day of school excited and enthused about the year of learning ahead.


Jenny said...

These are a great idea...I would have loved one of these!
You certainly put the fun into learning :)
Jenny x

Kara said...

That's such a cute idea! I love the m&m's in there!